Coil Spring Shot Peening Machines :

For increasing the fatigue properties/strengthening of coil Springs, which result in better life of springs and reliable operation shot peening machine are used. 

  • For coil spring machine, special arrangements are provided in machine for rotational & Transverse movement of the coil spring, which ensure complete exposure of the shot peening. 


Machine basically consist of under mentioned Parts- 

Main Blast Cabinet with inspection Door

Mn. Lining inside cabinet & on Door.

Vestibule at Inlet & Outlet Side

Rubber Curtain Type Job Passage opening at inlet & outlet side.

Blast Wheels are provided at Special angle, so that maximum Hot-Spot coverage can be obtained.

Blast Wheels are provided VFD control.

Abrasive circulation unit & Bucket Elevator unit

Abrasive Separation/Cleaning system with Storage Hopper

Automatic Abrasive Control Mechanism (SOUNDABRATOR unit)

Dust Collector with Cleaning Mechanism.

Roller for rotating the coil springs inside the blast cabinet with chain arrangement for the longitudinal movement of the coil spring.

Control panel is equipped with PLC with HMI unit, so that complete operation can be programmed.

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