Indexing Table Type Shot Peening Machines

Indexing table type Shot Peening Machine are specially used to cater the components of different industries which include Aerospace Industry, Medical Industry, Automobile & Vehicle Manufacturing Industries. Generally these jobs are Blades, Gears, Engine Pistons, transmission Shafts, Medical Instruments etc,

SPM are used for inducing a residual compressive stress on the surface of the component thereby improving its resistance to fatigue failure, which result in better life and reliable operation.

In this type of machine, One Main Mother table is provided along with no. of satellite tables. Jobs to be shot peen are loaded on satellite tables at loading/unloading stations. These satellite tables are free to rotate on their own axis. For taking the jobs inside the Blast cabinet, Main mother rotate with fix pre-defined angle in such a manner that satellite tables with job comes under Blast Wheel stations & other table are available for unloading & loading purpose. Job under blast Wheel stations experience the Shot Peening Process, as abrasive at high velocity strikes on their surface. Rotational Movement of the satellite table ensures 360 degree coverage of the Job. For the next batch above process continuous. 

Special Features of the Machine- 

Easy Job Loading & Unloading Arrangement

Blast Wheels are provided at Special angle, so that Hot-Spot coverage

Blast Wheels are provided VFD control.

Satellite Tables are provided for special fixtures for holding the different type of components, These Fixtures are made up of wear resistance material.

Rotational Mechanism of the Satellite table is VFD controlled for synchronization.

Special Shot Classifier is provided for effective shot classification.

Pulse Jet Type Auto-Cleaning Dust Collector is provided.

Control panel is equipped with PLC with HMI unit, so that complete operation can be programmed.

Automatic Shot Refilling system is provided, for maintining the minimum shot level in the abrasive hopper.

…..Many More…..

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