Paint Spray Booths : 


The main purpose of a paint booth is to control the environmental conditions while spraying the paint . To serve this purpose we design an enclosed or semi-enclosed Paint booths  used for the spray painting, equipped with air intake filters, Paint Trap Filters and an exhaust system to vent the fumes of the evaporating solvents.


Semi Down Draft Paint Booth System : 

In this type of systems paint trap filters are provided at both side walls of the Booth along the length. Thus when air flow from upward to downward direction suction draft produces by the exhaust blower forces the air toward the side walls and the impurities i.e. paint fumes in the contaminated air is trapped by the Filters. 

Main advantage of this system is that this system completely installs on the floor level and there is no need of any civil pit, thus it can be easily moved from one place to another.

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