Pulse Jet Type of Dust Collector :


             Pulse Jet Type of Dust Collector
             Pulse Jet Type of Dust Collector


Pulse Jet Type Dust collector consist of different type of filters, which depends upon the type of machines.  In these dust collectors, dust laden air is drawn through the inlet side and get uniformly distributed into the dust collector compartment. By this uniform distribution of the contaminated air, velocity of the air drops causing heavier dust particles fall directly into the hopper. This air then flows upward by the effect of the suction draft produced by the Exhaust Blower and passes through the number of tubular filters which retain the fine dust particles on its outer periphery and only allow the clean air to pass through the outlet side.

The filters are sequentially reconditioned /cleaned with pulses of compressed air. A solid-state electronic timer initiates the pulses. This pulse of low volume, high pressure air is controlled by the timer operated solenoid valves, expanding the filters and breaking the dust filter cake loose. Timer is adjustable for both pulse interval and duration.  

By the pulsing effect dust particles falls down into the bottom hopper of the dust collector. These dust get collected into the trays placed at the bottom and are taken out periodically and emptied. 


             Pulse Jet Type of Dust Collector
             Pulse Jet Type of Dust Collector


Design Features- 

The blower unit of dust collector is dynam­ically balanced.

The non-overloading, backward inclined fan system delivers more air at higher static pressures and reduces capacity variation and suction loss.

The dust collector is fabricated in modular design and all the joints are sealed with imported sealing com­pound.


Type of Filters used in Pulse Jet Type Dust Collectors : 

Spun Bounded Pleated cartridges type Filters 

Non-Wooven Polyestor type filters with Cage type arrangement 


Type of dust removal arrangements for dust Collectors :  

Mechanical type flap valve 

Rotary/Airlock valves.  

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