Fabric Bag Type of Dust Collector : 

This type of dust collector consists of number of tubular fabric type filter bags to trap the impurities contained in the incoming air. Incoming air moves into the inlet of the dust collector by suction draft produced by the Exhaust Blower and passes through the number of tubular filters which retain the fine dust particles on its outer periphery and only allow the clean air to pass through the outlet side. 

For cleaning of these filter bags, after regular intervals, exhaust blower of the dust collector is stop and filter tubes are shaken mechanically to remove the dust accommodated on the outer surface of the filter tubes.  These dust particles falls down into the bottom hopper of the dust collector. These dust get collected into the trays placed at the bottom and are taken out periodically and emptied. 




Design Features- 

The blower unit of dust collector is dynam­ically balanced.

The non-overloading, backward inclined fan system delivers more air at higher static pressures and reduces capacity variation and suction loss.

The dust collector is fabricated in modular design and all the joints are sealed with imported sealing com­pound. 


Mechanical Bag Shaking/Cleaning Arrangement- 

Dust deposited on the outer periphery of the filter bags will get cleaned by shaking these bags mechanically. Normally, this unit is timed out to operate when the dust collector is stopped for any break, such as lunch or at the end of a shift.

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