Roll Etching Machine : 

For maintaining the stringent tolerance of the roll over the passage of time, blasting process is carried out on the Steel Rolls. For the uniform and accurate shot blasting over the Steel Roll, specially designed Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines are used, which basically works on the direct pressure principle of abrasive blasting.

This Machine consists of a undermentioned accessories : 

  • Work Car, having the PU coated Roller
  • Blast cabinet
  • Abrasive Blast Generator
  • Abrasive Recycling & Re-circulation system
  • Blast nozzle with Nozzle Horizontal reciprocation arrangement
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Dust Collector
  • Control Panel 

Working Principle : 

Rolls to be etched, will be first placed on the PU coated Roller and then taken inside the blast cabinet. Inside blast cabinet Blast Nozzle with Horizontal reciprocation arrangement, moves horizontally with synchronization of the rotating speed of the roll and shot blast the complete outer periphery of the Rolls.  Cyclone separator, vacuums the fired media from the bottom of the cabinet hopper and after required cleaning transfer the usable media to the pressure blast generator.  Dust Produced during the blasting operation is carried out  by the Dust Collector .

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