Cabinet Type Pressure Blaster:


 Cabinet-Pressure-Blaster-(1)        Cabinet-Pressure-Blaster


Pressure blaster mainly works on the direct pressure principle of blasting. In Pressure Blaster Machines air line from the compressor is connected to the directly to the pressure pot. When compressed air flows through the system, it will pressurize pressure pot tank and force media to fall downwards. When this media combines with a large volume of high pressure air, it will travel the length of the blast hose and comes out of the nozzle at high pressure. This high pressure stream of abrasive material strikes against the surface of the component to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

In this type of machines a cabinet type enclosure is provided, so that blasting operation must be conducted inside this enclosure and it will remain isolated to minimize worker exposure to air contaminants generated by the process.


  • Rust and heat scale removal
  • Paint stripping
  • Surface texturing
  • Reparation for painting, bonding and plating
  • Corrosion removal
  • Deburring, deflashing
  • Fast Cleaning Rate
  • Cosmetic finishing


  • Very wide variety of blast media available
  • Deeply cleans irregular surfaces
  • Eliminates the need to use nasty chemicals
  • Leaves a very attractive finish on most metals
  • Provides an excellent surface for bonding & Plating

Standard Models Available -

Model No.

Inner Working Dimensions

Height (MM)

Width (MM)

Depth (MM)














Optional Accessories Available for Selection-

Tumble Basket- For catering the small jobs in a lot, this accessory is used. Job such as balls, rings, screws, nuts, tools etc. In this accessory on side door of the machine, one timer controlled tumble basket is provided. Job to be blasted can be put in this tumble basket. Time period of rotation can be controlled via timer. 

Inside Manual Turn Table- This accessory facilitate the operator to rotate the job inside the cabinet, for blasting the other surface of the job.The turntable is fixed inside the cabinet on bearing for easy and free manual rotation of jobs

Track Extension with Work Car- for easy loading & unloading of the job, track is provided with the work car, which can be easily pushed inside & outside the blast cabinet.

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