Portable abrasive Blaster-

Portable Abrasive Blaster is mostly used sand/shot blasting machine in industry because of its easy to handle technique and easy portability. This blaster is equipped with wheels, so that it can be taken from place to another without any hustle.

Abrasive/Media to be used is first filled into the Abrasive blasting Hopper/Tank. Then air line from the compressor is connected to the blaster. When compressed air flows through the portable blaster, it will pressurize Portable blaster tank and allow media to fall through the pinch valve assembly. When this media combines with a large volume of high pressure air inside the mixing tube it will travels the length of the blast hose this high pressure stream of abrasive material strikes against the surface of the component to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.


    Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines-PORTABLE-ABRASIVE-BLASTER         Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines-PORTABLE-ABRASIVE-BLASTER

Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines-PORTABLE-ABRASIVE-BLASTER
Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines-PORTABLE-ABRASIVE-BLASTER


                    Model- BT-1001R                                                        Model- BT-150R

Applications of the portable blaster : 

 1. Desanding and decoring of castings.

2. Descaling of castings, forgings parts.

3. For removal of heat treatment scale, welding flux , corrosion, rusting in steel components.

4. For engraving / creating design, etching on different type of stones and metals.

5. For removal of old paint from metal surface of ships and other structural steel components.

6. For creating rough surface inside and outside of heavy structure, pressure vessels, pipes for proper bounding of the primer/paint.

7. Can also be used in Wooden industry for decorative design purpose.

8. For creating textured/rough surface on different type of paving blocks, marbles, granite for their proper bounding on surface.

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