Mould Cleaning Machine—

Now a day’s shot blasting process is also used to remove the impurities and foreign particles, which get deposit on the inner surface of the casting Moulds used in various industries like, Tyre Manufacturing, Shoes Manufacturing industries etc. 

Machine consists of- 

Blast cabinet with Main job Entry/Exit Door

Rubber lining inside the blast cabinet & on Door

Illumination inside the blast cabinet.

Track mounted Work car with Rotating Turn Table.

Work is provided with winching arrangement for to & fro motion.

Turn Table is equipped tilting arrangement, provided with manual hydraulic mechanism.

Suction blast nozzles with manual horizontal reciprocation mechanism.

Cyclone separator with Blast generator

Pulse Jet Type of Dust Collector.


Working Principle- 

Moulds to be blasted are placed on the rotating turn table and taken inside the blast cabinet for blasting purpose. After taking the work car inside the blast cabinet door of the machine is closed manually. Shot blasting operation is started, blast nozzles fire abrasive gently on the mould, placed on the turn table. Mould rotates and its own axis, to ensure the 100% exposure to the blast stream. Operator manually tilts the turn table from outside the blast cabinet, by manual hydraulic mechanism, so that blasting can be done on the inner corner of the mould. At the same time, if required operator can manipulate the nozzle direction, using manual horizontal reciprocation system, for covering the un-blasted area of the mould. At the same time, cyclone separator, vacuums the fired media from the bottom of the cabinet hopper and after required cleaning transfer the usable media to the blast generator.  Dust Produced during the blasting operation is carried out by the Dust Collector.

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