Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine

Tumblast type machines are basically designed for batch type operation. Tumblast Machine consists of Vertical/Horizontal door. Components to be blasted are loaded on to the endless rubber conveyor of the machine from this door. One No. of Blast wheel unit, is strategically placed at the top of the Blast cabinet will fire abrasive at high velocity on the tumbling components and blast cleans them thoroughly. Tumbling action of the rubber belt conveyor ensures that each and every portion of the component will get exposed to the blast stream for through cleaning. For unloading the components from the machine, door of the machine is opened and rubber belt conveyor is made to move in reverse direction and blasted components is then get collected into the Bin/Tray (under customer scope).



                                                            MODEL- BT-TBM- 27X36 (5 CFT CAPACITY) 


1. Desanding and decoring of castings.

2. Descaling of castings, forgings.

3. Surface hardening (shot peening).

4. Rust and heat scale removal

5. Surface texturing

6. Preparation for painting, bonding and plating

7. Aesthetic/Cosmetic finishing of Die casting of Zinc, Aluminium & Alloy Steel.

 Some Technical features

1. Manual and semi-automatic modes are available

2. Specially designed perforations in the belt allow media to easily separate from the parts so that manual media separation is not needed

3. If equipped with a rubber belt the machine is capable of delicately mixing parts without damage

4. When equipped with a steel belt the machine is capable to mix large, heavy parts


Models Available consisting Rubber Belt Type Work Conveyor-



Having Tumbler Basket Volume - 2 CFT with Weight Carrying capacity of 150 Kg’s



 Tum_Blast_Type Shgot_Blasting_Machine_27x36
Tum_Blast_Type Shgot_Blasting_Machine_27x36


Having Tumbler Basket Volume - 5 CFT with Weight Carrying capacity of 300 Kg’s








Having Tumbler Basket Volume - 7 CFT with Weight Carrying capacity of 400 Kg’s

[Note- Model No.- BT-TBM-36X42 is also available with Metallic Belt Conveyor.]



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