Stone Texturing Machine:

stone texturing machine


In stone and marble industry shot blasting process is used for preparing roughness on the outer surface of components, so that bounding with the cement or any holding chemical remain sturdy.

Sometimes shot blasting process is also used to produce rough texture on the surface, so that stone/marble looks unique in nature.

Paver Blocks are shot blasted to produce roughness on its upper surface, to make them non-slippery in nature.

This type of machine consists of special rubber belt conveyor at inlet and outlet as material handling systems. The stone/marble/granite slabs to be blasted are placed on inlet side of the rubber belt conveyor, from where it travels forward and enters into the inlet tunnel. Inside inlet tunnel blast wheels fires the abrasive at high velocity on the forward moving slabs & cleans them from upper surface or we can say textured them.

Machine is specially provided with VFD control Blast Wheels, so that according to the various thicknesses of slabs, velocity of the media can be adjusted.

A Dust collection system is provided with the machine which will continuously remove the dust and fine particles, thus keeping the inside of the machine and the nearby environment dust & pollution free.

Special Features of the Machine-

 1. Blast Wheels are provided with VFD Control System

2. Special Rubber Belt Type of Work Conveyor is used, having the abrasive retard properties.

3. Rubber Belt Work Conveyor is also provided with VFD Control, so that it can be synchronized with the blast wheel rpm.

4. Blow-Off system is provided at outlet side of the blast tunnel, to remove the shots stagnated on the upper surface of the slabs.

Highly efficient continuous working dust collector is incorporated for removing the dust generated during the blasting operation. Thus keeping the nearby equipments and environment dust free and clean

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