Diabola Type Shot Blasting Machine for Round Tubes/Pipes/Bars:


For shot blasting the Round Tubes/Pipes/Bars, we design special machine having the diabola type of material handling system. This system consists of no. of diabola’s arranged in a series and coupled with chain sprocket arrangement. Chain and sprocket type mechanism is used to transmit the power from one diabola to another. When job is placed on this diabola type conveyor, it travels forward with the rotational movement, which ensures that it will experience the complete shot blasting on each & every portion.

This machine provides a low cost solution for the cleaning of the rods/pipes/tubes.

Working Principle of Machine-

It consists of inlet and outlet side diabola conveyors as material handling systems. The components to be blasted are placed on inlet side of the conveyor, from where it travels forward along with rotational movement and enters into the inlet tunnel. After passing through the inlet tunnel components enters into the blast zone which consists of Blast Wheel. These Blast wheel units are strategically placed around the Blast cabinet. The arrangement of the blast wheel ensures optimum blast cleaning and maximum utilization of the abrasive energy. Blast wheels fires the abrasive at high velocity on the forward & rotationally  moving component & blast cleans them thoroughly. Blasted material moves forward and enters into the outlet tunnel.

             At inlet and outlet side of the machine diabola conveyor arrangement is provided as job conveying system. These conveyors are driven by gearbox provided with VFD control. VFD control enables the customer to change/synchronize the speed of the conveying system with respect to the required blast cleaning operation. Chain and sprocket type mechanism is used to transmit the power from one diabola to another. Diabola’s provided, are mounted on the self-aligning bearings. The diabola’s provided in direct blast zone are Mn. Steel casted having work hardening property to protect them from the abrasion.

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