Y-type Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine :






Customize hanger type machines are best suitable for the shot blasting of many type of components like Wheel Rims, fabricated components, casting forgings, motor body covers, rail coach rims, gears, Heavy industrial component i.e. JCB components, Automobile chasis, silencers, gears, shafts etc just to mention a few.

In this type of machines Job Handling system consists of Y-type Monorail overhead Conveyor with manual/ motorized Push-Pull trolley mounted hangers.

The components to be blasted are loaded on these trolley mounted hanger and one by one manually taken inside the Blast cabinet for blasting purpose. During Blasting Operation components hanged on the hangers rotates in clockwise and Anti-clockwise direction, Bi-directional rotational mechanism of hanger ensures that each and every portion of the component will get exposed to the blast stream for through cleaning. After required Blasting cycle the trolley containing the blasted components is taken out and at the same time another trolley containing components on Y-track moves in for blasting purpose. The machine is designed for continuous duty operation

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